Light the World Day 3

Jesus Helped Others to See and So Can You

Ideas: Find an eyeglass collection box and donate an old pair. Point out a virtue in someone that they don't see in themselves. Promote a vision charity on social media.

Yesterday I made caramel popcorn for my kids middle school Christmas fundraiser bake sale. As I was doing it I thought about my great grandfather Bowie. He was a tremendous believer in building community. When he was 14 his mother passed away, his dad remarried and his two sisters were taken to an orphanage. He must have been so upset about it all that he toke off on his bike and sought a new life. He eventually made his way to a small town Clareholm Alberta where he married and had 3 daughter and 2 sons. He physically helped build the community for example: baseball diamond and curling rinks. He also entertained on Saturday nights when folks would come into town to socialize. 

As I was helping to build and support my community I thought about him and all my other ancestors (and parents) who helped make their communities better places to be. I am grateful for their examples.