Light the World Day 20

Jesus Saw Potential in Others

Some ideas to get involved: be a mentor/tutor to someone. Take a child to work and let them so a small part of your job. Cheer someone on! Attend an event to support someone you know.

Today my son played his last game in his community basketball league. A year ago he didn't really understand the game or wasn't very good at it. For the past year he has studied, practiced and dedicated himself to the game. He has worn through several balls as he toke it upon himself to walk to school (weather permitting) and back every day dribbling his ball. Last week's game he got 30 points. Of the 12 games they played they only won 4. Its not about the win, its about the process and what can be learned. I love watching him commit to something, work hard at it and be successful in his own progression.