I am a Canadian. A wife. A mom of five kids. A community builder. A teacher. A quilter. A longarmer. A free motion quilting enthusiast.


I made my first pair of shorts when I was 10. I made my first quilt at 19. When I realized that if I could stitch in the ditch, I could free motion quilt, my life was changed forever!

My journey to teaching free motion quilting has been spurred by the passion I feel that a quilting project can be 100% made by you, start to end. I love showing fellow quilters how they can be successful.

I was a school teacher for 8.5 years and love to teach. After 5 children I did not want to go back to school, but I needed that creative outlet teaching provides for me, so teaching quilting seemed to be the logical solution. I feel invigorated and honoured to be apart of my students adventure.

After going through boxes of spray basting quilting for clients, my husband and I decided it was time to buy a long arm. I have a Gammill Stateler Stitcher were I do edge to edge and custom quilting. I really love the time I  spend teaching. You can also find me teaching on you-tube. See my calendar section for my up coming classes.